Sustainability Manifesto

Sustainable DIY kits that are good for our children and better for the planet

We have long assumed that economy and business are more important than the environment and the planet itself. Why do we still buy without considering the consequences? Why do we relentlessly consume unnecessary products without considering their impact on the planet? Do we need to contaminate to produce?

A large proportion of the environmental impact of the toy industry involves raw materials and their production.


Our wood

We use pinewood and MDF. MDF is a combination of recycled wood fibres (around 85%) and adhesives that are pressed and subjected to high pressures. The frames are made by a family-run company in Barcelona.


Our paper and cardboard

We use the latest technologies in eco-friendly packaging, and all our crates and boxes are certified with the FSC logo (Forest Stewardship Council) as a responsible brand improving the conservation of the planet’s forests. The company that produces boxes for us is from Barcelona. The paper we use is of European origin and is cut for us in Valencia. Even our labels are made from recyclable paper and not plastic or vinyl.


Laser cutting and engraving

This system enables us to optimise the use of wood, minimising waste. Laser engraving avoids the addition of any type of dye or paint, which extends its useful life and facilitates its recycling. We use a family business in Valencia for laser cutting and engraving.



The jute used in our kits is a 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable and recyclable fibre. Every hectare of jute plants consumes 15 tonnes of carbon dioxide and releases 11 tonnes of oxygen into the atmosphere. Given its biodegradability, it is used to manage soil erosion and even for reforestation through the use of geotextiles. The company that produces jute for us is from Alicante.



Ceramic was invented during the Neolithic period when receptacles were needed to store the excess crops produced by agricultural practices. It could be said that ceramic was basically invented for recycling. The earthenware plates we use in the mini garden kit are handcrafted by a family-run pottery in Bailen, Jaén.


We are fully committed to the sustainable development of our products so that they promote the creation of a sustainable future for all.