Our story


As young parents affected by the coronavirus pandemic and the climate crisis, we decided to move out from the city to live a more sustainable lifestyle in harmony with nature and with a zero-waste mindset. We grow our own food, and our young children play freely with and in nature. We have a great opportunity and at the same time a great obligation to rethink our consumption and our relationship with the natural environment.

Showing children how to take care and respect nature is maybe one of the most important lessons we have to teach them.

Today, most toys are made of plastic materials and are disposable. Very often, after a day of play, they pile up in our homes, then in garbage bins, and finally in the natural environment where they will be decomposing for the next hundreds of years. After struggling to find fun and non-plastic crafts and toys for our daughters, we decided to create sustainable alternatives.

Lily & Mel was born out of a desire to reconnect children with nature, to awaken their creativity and imagination. As parents of two girls, we firmly believe that children should be free to explore their curiosities and create with their own hands, by learning from nature through play. Our mission is to instill in these little explorers a love for mother nature and its beauty so they can be the generation of change makers in the future.

Enjoy these kits with your children and feel the magic of creating with nature.